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Final Result 

Results and Ability Grades

All the assessed section results of TPhYL are reported on a scale with four ability grades:

‘4’ is the passing grade – This grade means that the candidate has the ability that is to standard.

Candidates who have passed every one of the TPhYL assessed sections will be awarded the TPhYL certificate showing a ‘PASS’. This means that candidates must at least achieve an ability grade of ‘4’ in each of the five sections. A TPhYL transcript will be attached to the certificate to show results of every one of the assessed sections and their respected ability grades. Here is an example -


Candidates must pass all five sections to qualify for a TPhYL certificate.

Candidates will receive an email notification containing information on how to collect their certificate when their results are ready. 

Use of data

After each test, the data will be used in the following ways:

  • Individual results will be made available to candidates through a certificate and transcript.

  • Employers will have access to results if they have sponsored the candidate’s fees.

  • Anonymous grouped data and results can be made available for phonics research conducted by PEA as well as those done in collaboration with other tertiary institutions. 

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