幼稚園校內 Phonics 培訓

英語拼音教學能力提升課程 (幼稚園/中心) 


PEA 是一間英語拼音教學的專業培訓機構;為香港、澳門及國內幼稚園導師及機構提供專業英語拼音教學培訓、導師認證及全面發展支援平台。



Session 1
• What is Phonics?
• Why use Phonics with young and very young learners (VYLs)?
• What are the sounds?
• What key skills are taught in Jolly Phonics?
• What are the key terms in Phonics and what do they mean?
Session 2
• What are the Jolly Phonics actions?
• How do we present sounds? What classroom management points do we have to consider?
• What resources are there to help us present sounds?
• How do we get VYLs to recognize, differentiate and produce sounds?
• How do we get VYLs to form letters (pre-writing and writing)?
• How do we choose and adapt materials? Session 3
• What should a Phonics lesson include? How do we plan one?
• Why do we do revision and how do we do it?
• What is blending?
• What are the sub-skills of blending?
• How do we get VYLs to blend?
• How do we assess blending?

Session 4
• What is segmenting?
• What are the sub-skills of segmenting?
• How do we get VYLs to segment?
• How do we assess segmenting?
• Comparing Blending and Segmenting What are Tricky Words? Session 5
• How do we present Tricky Words?
• How do we get VYLs to say Tricky Words, and to differentiate them from fully decodable words?
• What is beyond CVCs?
• How do we present these: double consonants, adjacent consonants, trigraphs, new spelling patterns Session 6
• How do we help VYLs to spell Tricky Words?
• What are decodable readers?
• How do we choose the right readers?
• How do we explore a reader with VYLs?
• How can we use a reader to get VYLs to read and write?
• What’s next?

• 提供 Jolly Phonics Levels 1 & 2 全面培訓
• 教導學員運用英語拼音教具及 Jolly Phonics Readers 教材
• 教導學員評核學童進度及學習成果等

實例: 有效的Jolly Phonics在職培訓,大大提升校內學生英語成績,深受家長歡迎!“Effective training can help you dramatically improve results in your school.”


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