TPhYL Test Application Form 

TPhYL is a Synthetic Phonics teaching proficiency qualification for teachers who are currently teaching or intend to teach phonics to young learners. 


Please read the instructions and fill in the online application below.


1. Select the test date and location. Fill in your information.

2. Read the "Terms & Conditions" and tick the check box.

3. The test fee can be paid by credit card/ bank transfer/ PayPal.

4. We will contact you within two working days by the mail address you      provided.

TPhYL test application form 


Terms and Conditions

TPhYL Exam Terms and Conditions

You must …

  • provide valid proof of your identity (passport or ID card) upon registration on the test day.
  • arrive at the centre 45-minutes before the scheduled start time. If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to take the exam, and no refunds will be made.
  • attend all components of the examination. If you do not attend all components, the exam will be deemed incomplete and you will not receive a TPhYL exam result.
  • consent to have any exam related video or audio recording taken of you. If you refuse, you will not be allowed to sit for the exam and no refunds will be made.
  • tell the examiner immediately if you think you have been given an incorrect or incomplete exam paper.
  • leave all exam materials in the room including rough drafts, teaching aids created, and answer sheets. Anyone who attempts to bring them out of the room will have their exam considered invalid and will not receive any results.
  • submit any complaints about the exam before you leave the centre on exam day, if you have a complaint about the way in which the exam is delivered at the centre or any other reasons. Complaints thereafter will not be accepted.

You must not …

  • engage in any unprofessional and dishonest conduct which may damage the integrity of the TPhYL exam. Such misconducts include, but is not limited to:
    • attempting to cheat in any way, including using notes of any kind from any source.
    • aiding and abetting other candidates to cheat.
    • impersonate another candidate or have another candidate impersonate you.
    • copying the work of another candidate.
    • disrupting the exam in any way.
    • reproducing any part of the exam in any medium.
    • attempting to alter the data on the Exam Report Form.

Candidates engaging in any unprofessional and dishonest conduct will not be allowed to complete the exam and will not receive a TPhYL result. They will also not receive any refunds.

TPhYL Exam Rules and Regulations

It is always your responsibility to understand and adhere to these Examination Regulations. Failure to follow any of these regulations may result in marks penalty or even disqualification from the entire examination.

  • You are required to comply with any instructions issued before an examination session. An Examination Supervisor is required to report any cases of irregularity to the examining body.
  • The examining body is empowered to discontinue the examination of a candidate suspected of misconduct and to exclude him/her from the examination centre.
  • Any and all electronic devices must be turned off at all times in the examination centre.
  • If you are found to have any electronic communication device (including a mobile phone) on your desk, or your mobile phone rings or vibrates during the examination, that device may be confiscated by the invigilation personnel.
  • You should leave your personal belongings in the examination centre according to the instruction by the Examination Supervisor. The examining body will not under any circumstances accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage to articles deposited in the examination centre.
  • You must answer in English. You must write your answer legibly in black or blue ink.
  • Before the examination begins, you should complete all the details on the front cover of your exam booklets according to the instruction by the Examination Supervisor. No extra time is allowed for writing this at the end of the examination.
  • You must stop writing immediately once the end of examination is announced. You are not allowed to leave your desk until instructed to do so by the Examination Supervisor.
  • You must submit all question booklets, answer papers and any other exam materials to the invigilation personnel at the end of the examination.
  • If you have any complaint regarding the examination centre or arrangements, you should notify the Examination Supervisor in the first instance. The examining body will take further action, if deemed appropriate.

Personal Information

I understand that:

  1. It is necessary for my personal information to be collected and processed in order for me to verify my identity on the exam day and when I come to collect my results. All information collected will be collected and stored securely for the use of exam purposes only.
  2. My video and audio recording will be taken as part of the exam procedure. If there should be any problems with the recordings, I may be asked to retake that part.
  3. Group photographs may be taken on the day and be used for advertising purposes.
  4. There may be an observer present as part of the examination monitoring process.


-I acknowledge that the TPhYL exam is owned by Phonics Education Association, Hong Kong. -I acknowledge that I have read the TPhYL Exam Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them. -I understand that I must complete all parts of the application form and failure to do so may have in impact on the application process. -I certify that all information I provide on the application form is true, accurate and complete. -I understand that once I complete the application process and pay the exam fees, no refunds will be processed. Under special circumstances, with valid proof, a postponement may be processed under the sole discretion of the exam board. -I acknowledge that I will receive my results within two months from the exam date, excluding any special circumstances. -I acknowledge that I will be required to collect my results from a designated centre and will be required to provide a valid proof of identity.

Online Payment (TPhYL Fee: HK$4200)

Bank Transfer 

Bank Account Holder’s Name : 


HSBC              : 023-752-546-001

Bank of China : 012-6922-005-1773

PayMe             : 96603782 


Online Payment by credit card / PayPal






(* The exam fee is non-refundable and guarantees your place on the test) 


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